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Hi there… Welcome to, a very effective Internet Marketing Advertising Agency in Atlanta Georgia. While the big time marketing firms in Atlanta are raking in your hard earned dollars while sweating bullets in the back room scrambling to overcome all of the latest changes in the Big G’s algorithms, I am diligently working under the radar with cutting edge tactics to get YOUR BUSINESS at the top of the search engines.

And, here’s the biggie….with my effective Atlanta SEO service…I won’t rake you over the coals to help you get found easily like many other internet marketing agencies do. Nope…..don’t need to! Unlike other big time Atlanta SEO companies, I  don’t have a fancy office. I do affordable seo for small business from a home office with a little help from my industrious virtual elves. That way I can compete with the big dog SEO companies in Atlanta and elsewhere and pass on the cost savings to YOU!

Sounds like win win all the way around doesn’t it? Let me be YOUR Atlanta SEO company and get YOUR business at the top of the search engines. Let me SAVE YOU MONEY while I MAKE YOU MONEY. And in turn…I make money, keep my three kids in college and feed my family… and best of all, together, WE support our local Atlanta Ga community!

atlanta-georgia-seo-companyHey Atlanta…Lets Dominate the Search Engines! We can do this!

Pick up the phone and give me a call at (770) 897-1339.
(Please leave a message if I don’t answer, I am probably hard at work slapping Google around on behalf of one of my happy customers.)

Business is Atlanta is hot! And besides Hotlanta, things are heating up all over Marietta, Smyrna, Sandy Springs, Norcross, Stone Mountain, Eastpoint and even South Metro Atlanta. In fact, the South Metro Atlanta Georgia area is virtually on fire! Businesses want to be found. Businesses NEED to be found! Especially in places like Forest Park, Riverdale, Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Newnan, McDonough, Stockbridge, Jonesboro and even Griffin and Jackson.

Did you know that advertisers paid a fortune to Google in 2013 just to to get the word out for their business? A fortune to the tune of over $40 BILLION dollars in Adwords revenue. What if we could get you the same high quality visitors that folks pay Google huge amounts of cash for at a small fraction of the cost…think you might be interested? How would you like your business to pop up on the front page when folks are searching for your products or services?

Hey…we local businesses need to stick together! Lets slap Google to the curb and build up YOUR online presence to make your business be FOUND! And keep a slice of those advertising dollars where they belong…in the Atlanta, Georgia area! We can do this for YOU and YOUR Business!

Forget the yellow pages…who reads that book anyway anymore. Now days when folks are looking for something or a business they just Google it, either on their cell phone or computer. Heck folks are even Googling from their TVs.

With our effective internet marketing campaigns and other full range of internet services, not only can we get your in front of the most people, we also can provide you with high quality web design, video marketing, marketing consulting and so much more.

Effective SEO will put your business on the map! But what exactly is it?

If you are a business owner in the Atlanta, Georgia area, having a web presence is critical to help your company thrive and grow. But just having a website online is not enough! Your business MUST be easily found by your customers and potential customers. This is where SEO services are critical to the life of your business. SEO or Search Engine Optimization, has, for a long period of time now, been a vital component of on-line advertising and virtually all of the large businesses have actually already incorporated it in to their advertising arsenal.

Many small business owners are not quite clear on the benefits of on-line advertising, not to mention the relevance of SEO, but it is critical that they pay attention to the huge shift to the internet. It is imperative that a small business owner explores their SEO alternatives in order to make certain that their business get the most exposure for their product or service.

Search engines aid folks in locating answers to straightforward questions on the Web, such as where to find a great restaurant, or a quality car repair…or just about anything one could imagine. By entering particular keywords in to the search engine of choice such as Bing, Google or Yahoo, individuals have access to many results which are organized in order of importance or relevance to the key words entered into.

If it just weren’t for search engines, folks would have a difficult time finding info on the Web. Generally, SEO helps people find what the are looking for on the Internet by utilizing recommendation words or keyword phrases.

Because a majority of individuals depend on preferred search engines to locate services and products, it makes good sense to make use of SEO as an essential component in any sort of online marketing approach. For a small company, using SEO techniques will help your customer locate your goods and services easier and a heck of a lot more cost effective than traditional advertising methods. SEO can really help grow YOUR business!

But here’s the kicker! Because there are so many internet scams out there and the arena of SEO is so mysterious to the average local business owner, they often have a hard time trusting the mechanism of SEO to improve their marketing. This can be blamed on the outrageous claims made by a few random, shady SEO companies, which take your money and don’t deliver the results you so desperately need to grow your business. A comprehensive marketing campaign has many benefits, but the complexities and mystery surrounding a effective SEO placement can seem overwhelming to a small business. Don’t be overwhelmed. My affordable SEO services for all the Atlanta Georgia area and outlying counties are just the thing to help promote your business online.

Pick up the phone and give me a call at (770) 897-1339.
(Please leave a message if I don’t answer, I am probably hard at work slapping Google around on behalf of one of my happy customers.)

Affordability and Great Return on Investment

Each SEO campaign features its own cost structure and budget. Generally speaking, most traditional advertising campaigns can be expensive. However, optimizing your site for the search engines is a precise step that enables you to reach your target market without needing much of an investment compared to standard advertising platforms such as television, newspaper and the like.

Branding, Branding…Branding.

That’s brand name awareness! If no one has actually heard of you, your services or products would not sell much. That’s one of the benefits of SEO…for making sure people know all about your business and ensuring they spread the word .

The initial feedback might not result in massive sales, however the publicity is undoubtedly spectacular for your business in the long run. Brand acknowledgment usually leads to even more sales due to the fact that as individuals become more familiar with your brand, the trust factor then kicks in, and the highly targeted traffic to your site begins to generate consistent sales and repeat customers.

Improved Search Rankings

When you utilize an online search engine, it typically displays a list of possible internet sites, which you then have to look with individually in order to find exactly what you are looking for. It’s common knowledge that most folks looking for something never get past the first page and even still barely make it past the first 3 or 4 results in the organic listings. That’s why it’s critical for your business to be on the first page. If you are not there you might as well be on the other side of the galaxy.

There are a lot of variables and factors that come into play when getting a site to rank. Especially with all of the new algorithm changes implemented by Google in the last year. And still the updates keep coming. It is hard to keep up with all the changes and many businesses cannot even be found online any more.

Some of these factors include the specific content, url structure and other on-page elements. Then of course there are the off-page factors as well as the social factors that also come into play. It is really difficult for the average business owner to wrap their mind around all the information and necessary steps to implement and optimize their site properly. After good, effective SEO, the end result is that your customers will be able to know your all about your services and products as well as having a much easier time locating your business.

Search Engine Placement Over the Long Term

Proper SEO can guarantee that your website stays ahead of many other sites for a long period of time. This can enable customers to easily access your site in the future. If done properly, the end results of an quality and effective SEO campaign last long enough to ensure a continued and long term online presence.

Enhanced Website Structure

Part of online search engine marketing and advertising includes reorganizing your site into a content center, which is specific to your target market and contains unique, fresh, relevant content. It also may include a complete rebuild of the site to a more search engine friendly platform such as WordPress. Increased sales can definitely occur when you turn the site into a traffic magnet. but this is very difficult to do if you aren’t working with an internet marketing expert such as Hotlanta SEO. With these highly specific Atlanta search engine optimization techniques, and great professional web designs and other marketing services, the experience that your website visitors have can be vastly improved while your ROI just keeps going up.

LIke I said…win, win all the way around!
Hotlanta SEO is here for YOU!

Pick up the phone and give me a call at (770) 897-1339.
(Please leave a message if I don’t answer, I am probably hard at work slapping Google around on behalf of one of my happy customers.)

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