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Youtube video marketing is a great way to brand your business. Done properly, youtube marketing is an effective SEO tool to put in your business arsenal. Don’t be fooled… Atlanta video production, combined with the right marketing tactics can really give your Atlanta, Georgia business the SEO boost it needs to stay on top of the search engines.

Our Atlanta video marketing services really work to get your business found!

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Here is an interesting article on tips that could be helpful to your   business video marketing and youtube video marketing projects:

Small Business Ideas: Video Marketing Tips To Increase Website Traffic

By Ray Riechert

One of the best small business ideas to increase website traffic is video marketing. Video marketing does not cost much money because do-it-yourself videos can be created with cell phones or low-budget video cameras.

Small business owners may not have an idea how to get started, but there are 5 video marketing tips that can solve that problem for you so you can increase traffic to your website.

Tip Number One is to write an outline for your message. This starts with meta-data. Don’t worry. This is just a fancy term for your title, description and keywords you plan on using.

If you do a great job with your meta-data, you will get your videos ranked on page one of Google and YouTube with effective YouTube marketing. This will drive traffic to your website very quickly.

Tip Number Two has to do with your message. You don’t need a slick, high-end commercial type video. People respond to authenticity. Take the opportunity to talk to the camera like you are talking to a customer in your business.

Tip Number Three is to talk about the concerns and problems your customers have. Provide solutions to these problems and you will grow your customer base.

You may be wondering how you do this? It’s simple. You can break up videos into frequently asked questions (FAQs) and should ask questions (SAQs).

Frequently asked questions are the typical questions you get everyday from your customers. For each of your videos, you should only answer one question at a time.

Should ask questions are the more important questions to answer because these are the questions that will solve the problem someone is having.

Here’s a typical FAQ someone may ask you. “How much does it cost to replace a leaky pipe?” The real question should be, “What will happen if I don’t replace that leaky pipe?”

Can you see how easy it would be to create a video on FAQs and SAQs. There’s no secret formula here. Your goal is to create videos that solve your customers’ problems.

Tip Number Four is take advantage of free advertising on Google Local – Google+. Google is moving all Google Places listings to Google Local – Google+. Here you can really enhance you listing with great videos about your business.

You can do some very creative listings on Google local and it’s free. It’s pretty hard to find a better way to list your business and get the exposure you get here.

Tip Number Five is about asking for a call to action. It is your job in the call to action to point out what will happen if the customer does not take action.

There are many small business ideas you can implement to drive traffic to your website. Video marketing is a cost-effective way to solve problems your customers have. And you can have fun with it too!

Video marketing is one of the best ways to communicate with your customers. It is fairly easy to do as long as you have the right plan. You can spend thousands of dollars on products that will be obsolete in six months or you can come on over to and check out all the features we provide our customers. You make the call.

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Consider Video Marketing for your Atlanta business. You will be amazed at just how effective Atlanta video production and marketing can be. What we want to do is dominate the front page of search with all YOUR digital assets.  Want to know more!

Pick up the phone and give me a
call at (770) 897-1339.
(Please leave a message if I don’t answer, I am probably hard at work ranking a video on behalf of one of my happy customers.)


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